Newport Beach Physical Therapists

Helping You Return to an Active Lifestyle as Soon as Possible

Are you suffering from a medical problem or health-related condition that is limiting your ability to function in everyday life? If so, there may be effective treatment options available that lay with our team at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, PC. Since 2010, we have helped both diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions in our patients, and are ready to help you return to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible!

One-On-One Treatment with Our Licensed Physical Therapists

When it comes to choosing a physical therapist, we know that there are plenty of choices both in and around the Newport Beach area. However, finding the right physical therapist to treat your issues in the most effective and efficient way can be a difficult task. At our center, we focus on the quality of care for you, rather than the number of patients treated. This means that, despite all the changes to insurance and reimbursement, we still give our patients one-on-one time with an experienced and licensed physical therapist. We believe that this method provides you with the best results as you work towards a full recovery.