Newport Beach Pediatric Rehabilitation

Promoting Development, Recovery, & Longer-Lasting Relief for Children

If your child struggles with a disorder or has been seriously injured, they may require rehabilitation to meet challenges that they will face. At Cutting Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, PC, we offer physical therapy services to children in the Newport Beach area that are specifically designed around their treatment, growth, and development. Whether they are dealing with developmental delays, disability, injury from an accident, or anything in between, we have the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to properly care for them in a nurturing environment as we seek to lay the foundation for their future success.

Compassionate Care Centered Around Each Child's Unique Needs

Each child that comes to our Newport Beach physical therapy center is unique and has unique needs relating to their health or medical issues. With this in mind, we have made it our priority to provide our young patients with services that are customized around these unique requirements. Many times, this means one-on-one care, and this is a method that our practice heavily stresses. We take a hands-on approach to healing and will give your child the personalized care and tools necessary for proper development and longer-lasting relief.