Newport Beach, CA Geriatric Physical Therapy

Helping Patients as They Go Through the Aging Process

As adults grow older, certain conditions arise that require rehabilitative treatment in order to keep them active and on their feet as best as possible. Our Newport Beach physical therapists at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, PC are well-educated and highly trained in addressing the needs of older individuals, and offer a wide array of services focused on rehabilitation for geriatric patients. Our priority is helping each person with their unique needs as they go through the natural aging process, reduce the amount of pain they experience, and restore as much function and mobility as possible.

Comprehensive & Customized Care

Ensuring a high quality of life is the goal of every person as they begin to age, and having the right physical therapy team at your side can help this goal become a reality. Our center believes in comprehensive care for patients, and can customize a program that is holistic and addresses both physical and mental well-being. This may include appropriate forms of physical activity, manual therapy such as massage, and education to make sure that each person is given the tools necessary for longer-lasting relief and prevention of re-injury.