Conditions We Treat at Our Newport Beach Physical Therapy Clinic

Getting You on the Path to Recovery

At Cutting Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, PC, our team of Newport Beach physical therapists are prepared to treat a wide variety of conditions. We are highly focused on providing each of our patients with personalized attention and a fully customized treatment plan.

We recommend that you begin your treatment with a free consultation. Our team can meet with you, hear the details of your specific situation, and build a plan around it. We make use of the latest technology and each of our professionals are highly trained in a wide range of areas.

How We Can Help

We offer one-on-one care with a fully trained therapist to help you manage or overcome your condition. We are devoted to improving your quality of life through a comprehensive treatment plan. We understand that a recovery or rehabilitation can be a long journey, and we know how hard it can be. That is why we support you every step of the way, no matter which condition you are dealing with.