Blog Posts in 2015

  • When it comes to falls, it is about ups and downs!

    Believe it or not, falls are the number one reason for death and injury among people 65 years old and older. That said, balance and stability- the factors that help prevent falls- are crucial to all of us as we go through our day and is often what defines the success of an athlete. Whether we fall or not is a complex process of balance and stability that involves three different mechanisms that ...
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  • Functional Mobilization: What it is and why it is used in Cutting Edge

    Functional Mobilization TM (FM) combines active and resisted movement (PNF) with soft tissue and joint mobilization to facilitate normalization of mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control dysfunctions. The approach was first developed by in the 1980's to treat difficult cases especially those involving complex musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunctions. Consistent with its success, it now ...
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