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  • Prevention is the Best Medicine for Sprains - In Sports and Beyond

    With kids going back to school and many resuming sports team activities, the new guidelines from the National Athletic Trainers Association seem worth highlighting. Based on very high grade evidence-based research, the guidelines emphasize the importance proper conditioning before resuming sports and the use of functional rehabilitation rather than immobilization should injury occur. The high ...
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  • The Debate: Pilates vs Yoga

    I often get asked by patients about whether Pilates or yoga might be a better exercise for them. In preparing to answer, I always try to consider what their particular needs and goals are. For example, are they most concerned with heart health, weight management, stress reduction or strength and flexibility? These are all important goals, but based on my clinical experience I tend to think one is ...
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  • Why Stretching is Important

    Movement relies on the interaction of joints and muscles. When the range of motion for a joint is limited or the length of a muscle is less than it should be, imbalances develop and body mechanics suffer. Sometimes these joint range of motion or muscle length issues develop as a result of some other disease process (neurological, rheumatic, etc..) or acute injury; sometimes they develop from ...
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